Be My Mentor – the perfect match was born for helping  People to reach their personal and professional goals and to develop their potentialities and their talents. Because we believe that with skills sharing we will get an empowerement of  knowledge and a world of  most accessible and satisfactory job for everybody.

If you have an apple and we exchange our apples, then you and I will have still one apple.
But if you have an idea and I have a different idea and we exchange them, then each of us will have two ideas.


We accompany  Companies, University, Educational Institution,  Non Profit Organizations to project and  manage their Mentoring programs and make them more efficient with the support of a dedicated software  and the best international practices.
We chose Mentoring as ultimate tool to give value to the personal asset of  know how  and share it with whom needs it. As a result, we create a virtuous continuous circle of exchange and improvement for all the participants.


mentoring scheme design consulting

For you who have the idea of ​​carrying out a mentoring project or have one in progress, our team of experts in planning and mentoring scheme design will help you to make it grow.

And if you don’t have time to follow the project, we’ll take care of it.

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mentoring training

For you who want to develop the partecipants’ mentoring skills in your project and develop a ‘give back’ leadership in your organization, we can create ad hoc training for mentors and mentees of your program.

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mentoring software

If you want to make your mentoring project more effective, a software will be the right tool for you. Our team will guide you choosing the right one.



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  • design according to EMCC international standards 
  • ad hoc training for mentor / mentee 
  • innovative softwares for the best results
  • goals at the core of the process
  • structured support’s pathway
  • training certified tutors and supervisors 
  • achievements’ monitoring process.

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