We are Daniela and Liana and we welcome you to  Bemymentor website

Our project was born because after a long experience in international companies we have seen a capital of human and professional skills not valued by organizations.

Which improvement could you imagine for your organization if the internal skills were systemized for the development of all the people who are part of it?

We firmly believe that mentoring is the right methodology to do this.

The use of a dedicated software is the tool to expand the possibility of having a mentor to rely on to more people in order to increase their professionalism.

And make mentoring more accessible and effective for everyone.

The effects of training often expire, they tend to disperse very quickly also due to the speed of transformation (markets, business model, ways of working, content of roles …)

Only mentoring as the only continuous and contextual training tool guarantees the possibility to keep up with the constant flow of change.

With our mentoring consultancy we can support you in all the development phases of your project.

By integrating skills in mentoring, project management, communication and in-depth knowledge of the internal functioning of complex organizations, we create the right program for your organization.

We can make a measurable and incisive improvement in

  • People Engagement 
  • Change Management
  • Mentoring Leadership
  • Team Integration
  • Career Support

For a more engaging and productive world of work for everyone.

Our Offer

The first system for developing a new widespread mentoring leadership of individuals inside and outside the company.

A tool to support the change of people and organizations. Mentoring advice to help you realize your project at every stage of development.

CONSULTANCY IN MENTORING SCHEME DESIGN, for those who want to build an effective project that respects international mentoring standards

PROJECT MANAGEMENT, for those who do not have time to follow the operational management of the project

MENTORING TRAINING, for those who aspire to build a solid internal mentoring competence, or a pool of qualified mentors, always in compliance with international quality standards

SUPERVISORING AND TUTORING, for those who intend to carry out mentoring on an ongoing basis and build on lessons learned. And to strengthen the effectiveness of the project with a support, involvement and motivation professional

THE MENTORING SOFTWARE, including Administration and Assistance services, for those who already have a consolidated experience in planning, management and training in mentoring projects and want to optimize results, effectiveness and times






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