What is Mentoring?

Our personal learning starts when we’re born and just keeps on going. It is fundamental through all the phases of our life.

And it cannot stop with the formal education.

“Long life job” is over.
Each of us in 4.0 labour market  has to consider to change roles, activities, enterprises.  In the future we’ll change job every 4,2 years. The only way to mantain an employability is the continuous training and learning.

Mentoring is one of the best way to develop individual skills in a one-to-one relationship that overcomes the limitations of the traditional learning.

  • people forget 1/3 of all learned in a classroom course even before finishing it
  • in only 1 month more than 3/4 of the learning is forgotten
  • in the long time just a little bit of the learning is remembered or put into practice

The Mentor is the Coxwain of learning

Despite their best efforts, the majority of the companies keeps on under-using what is the most important asset in the modern economy: the wealth of experience, ideas, intuitions and competences that lie shed or are deeply insert inside the organization.

A mentoring program serves for bringing this patrimony to the light and to put it in circle to advantage of all participants formation.

The Mentor role is to help the Mentee to develop the necessary competences to follow its career rout departing from his/her own experience .

He/she must drive the relationship of mentoring sailing through the various forms of approach to the formation according to the circumstances and of the demands of the mentee. 



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  • One to one relationship

  • Direct and continuous confrontation

  • On-the-job training

  • Long period goals

In the logic of person centrality, every project is preceded by a phase of careful analysis of the finality of the mentoring program.
After that the system is optimized and suited for the demands of learning of the participants.

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  • challenging

  • individual path

  • facilitate up and re-skills

  • long life learning approach

The benefits for the participants concern all those involved:

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