Benefits for all!


A mentoring relationship leads to direct improvement of the competences both of the mentee and the mentor:

  • problem solving
  • result orientation
  • communication ability
  • effective listening
  • risk management
  • role management
  • public speaking
  • technical skills focused on job role
  • learning by teaching
  • creativity
  • personal change
  • effective time management

Skills empowerment, direct relationship with a manager and access to information and network help the mentee to accelerate his/her career.

You have a best chance to grow in labour market if someone has explained you the rules!

A mentoring relationship enables a life-long learning approach  among the participants. Mentors and mentees  will develop new skills and improve the weaker ones, updating where necessary. As a consequence, both become more attractive for labour market.

The presence of a mentor can offer best possibilities of networking, opening doors that otherwise  would not have been accessible to the mentee.
Also the mentor can develop new contacts in groups first unknown.
Inside a firm or organization to enter direct and personal relationship with manager of other structures serves to strengthen the visibility and the reputation.

To be selected to participate to a mentoring program increases the awareness both of the mentor and the mentee to be considered as people and not as gears of a system.
The mutual feedback out of an in-line job relationship is a chance to see enhanced and recognized their expertise.


Mentoring helps  people involved to individualize more easily what skills need to be acquired or  increased through a continuous exchange that encourages learning both for the mentor and the mentee.

The process also increases the dissemination and enhancement of in-house heritage of know-how.

Mentoring helps people to take responsibility of their improvement and to acquire continuously new competences.
At the end of the program they will have learnt this mental approach.
They will keep on improving  with associated performance benefits for the firm in which they work.

To be involved in a process of mentoring both as a mentor and a mentee, lets the participants feel considered by the firm and included in a career pathway.

It’s also useful to spread and  share the company’s mission and  vision .
It promotes engagement with a result of decreasing rate of talented managers’ drop out.

The mentor-mentee relationship helps to propose younger employees an ideal model of managerial behavior that reflects the company’s values and can be used as a role compass.

Trough a mentoring program you can find out  high-flyers and help them to develop their skills, so they will be fully integrated in the company.
Including them in a career pathway, it will be easier to retain them for a longer time.

For the first time Companies are found to have to manage 4-5 different generations of employees.

Their education is different, their values are different, their language is different.

A mentoring program serves to overcome the differences and facilitate understanding and skills sharing among the generations.

In every case of change, from a a new role to cover, to an acquisition/fusion, to a change of the market or a need to face innovation, a program of mentoring will help the participants to understand, accept and adopt  the new standards.

Most of the organizations recognize mentoring as one of the individual and team development system with the best cost-benefits ratio.
The competences exchange is mutual and leads to a skills growth  and improvement of all participants.

The support of personal and professional experience that a mentor can provide to a mentee is priceless.


The modern society is characterised by a work force with  relevant generational and cultural gap. A mentoring program activate a powerful mechanism of enhancement and integration of the differences.
The result is an exchange that brings benefit to all the participants lowering the possible conflicts.

Female mentor-mentee relationships help to strengthen self-confidence and self-awareness .
It opens doors of  knowledge that she otherwise would have never walked through alone .

Today the labour market faces 4 generations with different problems .
Mentoring can help each of them to give its best, to share the added value of every age group and to integrate them without conflicts.

For all the job placement targets (neet, unemployed, female, migrants),  a mentoring program allows a one-to-one relationship with the final users and individual personalized pathways.

Labour market is changed, more and more often over 50 workers  are considered obsolete and dropped out. If you have a program supporting  these categories, mentoring is the tool to lead them to a new professional life, helping them in the re-skilling, in the psychological and personal support, in the discovery of under-exploited talents.

Young people are often taking a course of studies without still having any idea of their professional attitudes. For many of them the job they will do doesn’t exist yet.

A mentoring program allows an exchange with people already in the job market,  who are experiencing its changes. A mentor will be able to help them discover their true talent and the focus of their future professional life.

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